Welcome to the SendShort Media Kit!

We want to give you a jumpstart to start promoting SendShort right away. Here you’ll find useful information and several ready-to-use assets that we’ve compiled to help you get started.

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⭐️ SendShort Quick Introduction

The all-in-one AI tool for creating your Short content.

Sendshort allows you to crop your videos in vertical format in one click from long videos like youtube, add the most trendy and fully customizable dynamic subtitles, insert b-roll, add background music or sound effects.

This tool is intended for :

We are proud to support hundreds of thousands creators and businesses. Our mission is to democratize video content creation, making it accessible to anyone with a story to tell or a passion to share, not just those with expertise in content creation or video editing.

All this with a tool that save your time, energy and money.

👑 Our unique features

Long Video Cropping

Choose the moment you want to turn into a Short and SendShort takes care of cutting it to vertical format (9:16), with the AI taking the faces as a reference to cut perfectly.


Our AI will generate trendy, professional-quality subtitles inspired by the most famous content creators, to hook the viewer and increase retention. They are fully customizable and you can create your own template.


Add contextual b-rolls to your clips in 1 click to enhance narration and increase visual appeal.

Add your music